Prayer & Free Bibles

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IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION that many who visit and read Our Way Is the Highway do so merely out of curiosity. I suppose there are those who may be investigating how the mind of a “Flat Earther” thinks. For such an inquisitor—indeed they are most welcome here—I am certainly not shy of delivering intellectual or emotional fodder. And then there are those who accept the theory of Flat Earth, which admittedly disproves Copernican Evolution and exposes the beast government in every possible way, but don’t know how to follow through with its next conclusive step—that is, connecting with its Creator;  specifically knowing where to start.  Perhaps I can be of help.

There’s no better way of becoming acquainted with the Creator than through the very book which He masterfully authored through the hands of His servants. Give the Bible a chance. It was right about Flat Earth all along, despite our rejection of God’s Testimony. This is why I want to deliver a free King James Version to anyone who desires a relationship with God but doesn’t own one. Salvation can only come through the blood of Christ. And yet it shouldn’t be overlooked that God wishes a relationship with each and every one of us. Such an awakening can only come through the Holy Spirit, who speaks to us through His Word, convicts us of our sin, and ensures our forgiveness after we repent of our transgressions against the Creator.

I’ve already received inquires for Bibles on social media. Sometimes getting started is the most difficult step. So I’ll make this easy and ship a copy directly to your doorstep. It’s free. Just let me know. If you already have one in your possession, might I suggest starting with “The Gospel of John.”

Keep posting your thoughts and feedback. I enjoy keeping in touch with each and every one of you!




THERE’S A LOT OF STRUGGLING PEOPLE OUT THERE. I’ve spoken privately with more formeratheists this summer, who’ve surrendered to Yeshua HaMashiach only because of Flat Earth, than at any other time in my life.

It’s difficult trying to wrap one’s mind around Biblical doctrine after a lifetime of counter-indoctrination. Others are returning to the Lord after years of cold stone sin, and it’s all due to the cosmology revelation. But back to my first thought. Struggles. I continually receive so many first-hand reports of Christians all over America being cast out of churches by their pastors and elders because of their determination to believe in the full unbroken Testimony of God according to His Word—namely, Flat Earth. Among a growing interest in Bibles, which I’ve been dutifully shipping out to any person who requests one, Christians are asking me for prayer. If you need someone in your corner praying for you, e-mail me with your needs and my vow is to place you on my daily list. As I walk through the woods each night gazing up at the luminous moon and stars speaking with the Creator, you’ll be in my thoughts.