THERE’S A SAYING FOR THIS, great minds think alike. Really, it was one of those exceptionally rare and accidental sixth-sense occurrences in life when my wife and I mutually constructed the whole crazy scheme at the exact same moment: Let’s sell everything, buy and RV, and live our life on the road.


My wife, Eric & Ira at the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka

I’m not even sure who pronounced it first (our words were interwoven together), but I do recall where we were, the KOA in Eureka. It was just a vacation stopover really, and a last minute decision, mostly because the thought of driving 800 miles from our California home in Long Beach to Redwoods National Park, which is nestled just south of the Oregon border, with our twin sons in the back seat, barely eleven months old at the time, was an intolerable thought.

Anyways, we were walking with those twin boys of ours around the KOA, window shopping the varied assortment of RV’s. Words tinged with nervousness, probably because the possibility of spousal mockery loomed in their very declaration, and was of course backed by the pre-meditative discretion of I’m just thinking out loud here, but….. And then we said it.

Let’s sell everything, buy and RV, and live our life on the road.

My wife looked at me and I at her, and we said, “Really, you mean that?”

She or I said: “Why not?”

“Just like that, sell everything, buy and RV, and live our life on the road?”

And then finally, one or perhaps both of us said: “What’s stopping us?”



My wife with Ira in the Snake River, Jedediah Smith State Park

In the week that followed there were continued walks through the beautiful redwoods of the northern California coastline, calculating our schemes. If there really was anything stopping us, finances, investments, social commitments; we couldn’t come up with anything. The thought that we could do this every single day of our lives, swimming, hiking, catching up on our book reading lists, playing with our kids, cooking dinner over the grill, and sitting around the fire each night, was simply too appetizing to gloss over. And then there was the eventual drive home (we managed it in one fifteen-hour swoop this time), our Eureka conversation having never withered under the heat of interrogation. It became a repetitive mantra. As soon as we returned home, we told ourselves, let’s sell everything, buy an RV, and live our life on the road.

We must have struck gold, because that’s exactly what we did.



The better third of my family quartet, Sequoia Park Forest & Garden in Eureka