OUR STORY BEGINS IN JUNE OF 2015. Sarah is my wife. I’m Noel. We met practically as children in the 1990’s at Robert A. Millikan High School in Long Beach. We have ten month-old twin sons, Eric and Ira. They were born at home, but that, like our meeting, is another story. As I was saying, it’s June now, 2015, and we’re currently on a short one week vacation alongside the northern California coastline of Jedediah Smith in Redwood National Park, 800 miles north of our home in Long Beach, when we have a mutually radical thought.

We even say it at the same time, words practically overlapping each other: “What if we sold everything, bought an RV, and lived our life on the road?”

Fast forward to the present, and that’s exactly where we find ourselves. It took seven weeks in all, from the day we returned home in June to the moment we drove off on the first day of August, to sell our house, buy a fifth-wheel and truck to haul it with, sell off or donate our possessions, pile the leftovers in storage, and quit our day jobs. Seven exhausting weeks. It was like pulling off one long terrible Band-Aid. And just about everyone thought we were crazy for doing it.

But here we are.

And now I’m feeling my way across the diverse American landscape with that beautiful woman I once met so long ago in high school as my deck officer and the two sons she gave me as our first-mates in an ongoing story that I like to call OUR WAY IS THE HIGHWAY.