“Strange Fire…” The Blasphemous Workings of a Counterfeit Spirit (John MacArthur)


IN THE CHURCH’S FINER HOURS the Charismatic Movement would have been labeled an instantaneous heresy and equally done away with. Azusa Street alone would have been enough poppycock to arouse the corrective pen of our spiritual fathers. And yet today it is not the Muslim-faith, but the Charismatic-faith which is the fastest growing religious movement in the world. Over the last hundred years a false church driven by a false spirit has assaulted Christianities better senses with hurricane-force winds. Unlike counterfeit Islam, Charismatics are not battering the gates, nor pushing in on the walls and the turrets of Christianity from beyond the moat. They are doing so from within. Though like Islam, which unquestionably denies the working of the Holy Spirit, perhaps no other operation has blasphemed His work with as much audacity as those who congregate among us. The religious leaders of ancient Israel committed the “unforgivable sin” by attributing the work of the Spirit through Jesus to Satan. But the Charismatics have artfully inversed this fearful transgression. Quite tragically, they look to the devil and attribute his endeavors to the work of the Holy Spirit.

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“Though I Speak with the Tongues of Men and of Angels….” The Charismatic Mystery Religion Arrives at Corinth

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WE MUST NOT FALL UNDER THE FALSE ASSUMPTION that the followers of religions extrinsic to Christianity, once surrendering to the saving faith, were immediately dissatisfied with paganism. The Mystery religions, which dominated practically every Mediterranean neighborhood where the church sought residency, lacked any serious attempts at doctrine and, just as it is with irrational post-modernists today, paid little attention when consolidating their antithetical deluge of beliefs. They were free to worship other deities, even Jesus. No sooner had the Apostle Paul left Corinth than the Dionysian mysteries and devotion to Apollo hemorrhaged into church culture. So we should not be surprised to find in Corinth “the resounding gong or a clanging cymbal,” women who refused worshipful silence, and the self-centered praise of ecstasy. Could the love of Christ be found in its pews? Essentially, the Dionysian mysteries had brought with it the charismatic practice of glossolalia—or what we know today among Pentecostalism as speaking in tongues. Paul received word of it, and naturally he wrote them a letter.

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“The Heavens Declare the Glory of God; and the Firmament Sheweth His Handywork” | Psalm 19:1, the KJV, & Flat Earth


AN OUTHOUSE IS A USEFUL TOOL FOR THE PROPER DISPOSAL of human waste when no plumbing is made available, but an abominable place to become confidentially affectionate with—or dare I say fond of. I can’t help but wonder if that little shack atop of the grassy knoll; the initials W.C. for a name; complete with a squatting stool and dreadfully small hole for late-night aiming—both of which were generally caked with several shades and textures of fecal batter, as a rule—still stands. From its hill I could gaze immediately east over the thorny caps of yellow-fever trees, which giraffes often congregated under—often dozens at a time—and to Lake Naivasha, with its legion of hippos, perhaps half a kilometer beyond.

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“Vain Jangling…” The Apostle Paul Caught Up to Third Heaven & How Timothy Dealt with First-Century “Truthers” (Flat Earth)


THERE CAN BE NO DOUBT THE APOSTLE PAUL spoke of himself when ascending to the third heaven and—knowing what we do now of the Apostle, having run his race in full—we can conclude with full confidence that God chose the right man for the celestial journey. Paul did not think to publish a book about his rapturous crossing, nor quench our tireless and thankless appetites with what he saw and encountered. If Paul were alive today, there would be no attempts at marketing his story to a larger audience; rubbing elbows for a bigger platform; hiring scriptwriters or delivering to Hollywood a special effects heavy narrative and which was sold in theatrical previews as being “based on a true story.” And yet, the Apostle described more of heaven than almost anyone gives him credit for—or most care to know. It is the true heaven which he himself tasted, and which was penned down in his numerous epistles for the praise or the contempt of the nations. He was handed the glorious doctrine of Christ there, and we should stop to consider how the very foundations of the church have been laid down upon it. Paul’s knowledge of divine matters—including our own, if we place our hope and faith in them—comes directly from heaven.

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“Let Us Make Man In Our Image…..” The Unorthodox Doctrine of the Trinity According to Pastor Dean Odle (Flat Earth)


WE SHOULD EXPECT A CERTAIN STANDARD of theological comprehension from our clergymen, and agreement—even here on the joyous cosmology. Wherever and whenever the banner of Christ is lifted high, we must make no exception to this rule. Ideas have consequences. That God takes apostasy and false teaching seriously is evidenced by the fact that every New Testament book except Philemon contains warnings about false teachers. The Trinity is an essential doctrine, should one desire to even contend for the faith. The three great ecumenical creeds—the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed—are all structured around the three Persons. If Pastor Dean Odle of Opelika, Alabama were giving a comprehensive oral exam on the nature of the Trinity, then he has bumbled his understanding of it considerably—perhaps even heretically.

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Giordano Bruno: Perceiver of Many Worlds | Distant Suns… Rational Beings… Everlasting Perdition…Perverted Imaginations (Flat Earth)


BELIEF IN A PLURALITY OF WORLDS was as instinctive a conclusion to make as the “natural revelation” which fermented mankind’s very foundation of erroneous thinking apart from God’s Testimony. That those distant earths were furthermore inhabited spread rapidly during the dawning hours of the Copernican Revolution—though some might argue the Italian astronomer is not to blame. While Copernicus declared the Earth to revolve around the sun, he otherwise did not alter the accepted framework of Aristotelian cosmology. For Copernicus, the fixed crystalline stars were still bounded by the outermost sphere of the created order. Copernicus was mainly concerned with the arrangement of the Earth and wandering stars in relationship to the sun, and in doing so—rejecting the Bible’s belief in an immovable Earth—he opened up the floodgates of perverted imaginations. One contorted tinkerer of the mind hatches yet another. Astronomy needed new management, and Giordano Bruno was eager to volunteer for the part.

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Raising the “Forbes Brown Dirt Allosaur”… Putting Ebenezer to Rest


JOE SAID, “IF YOU’RE GOING TO DO A WRITE-UP on that Allosaur they got in Ken Ham’s museum, do me a favor.”

“What’s that?” I spoke into my end of the phone.

“Call him by his real name.”

I said: “It’s not Ebenezer?”

“It says Ebenezer on the plaque. But no—that ain’t right. Call him by his real name. Dana Forbes discovered him. It’s only right that he retain the name he gave.”

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