Flat Earth Simulations….. (Lazy Designer)


MARK SARGENT HAS A PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND in playing video games. He’s also trained people extensively in proprietary software. In 2014 he began an investigation into Flat Earth, and according to his own bio—where I’m pulling this information, Sargent released a series of YouTube videos titled “Flat Earth Clues” the ensuing year. I’ve never watched a single episode, but his viewership is well noted. Many in fact have come into the Flat Earth movement as a result of his clues. I am confounded however at the number of Christians who remain devoted to him. The thing is, oddly enough, Sargent advocates a view that our world is a simulation—as in, we live in a video game. When recently interviewed by Russell Brand, he even referred to our enclosed system as a “snow globe” on someone’s desk. By the way, has anybody else noticed that Sargent is anti-Christian? What I cannot and will not stand for is Sargent’s stoic admission that he believes the “so-called” Creator of heaven and Earth, whom he designates as a computer programmer, is lazy.

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“Luminous Beings Are We, Not This Crude Matter….” John’s First Epistle to the “Star Wars” Gnostic (and My Final Farewell)


THE TIP OFF COMES WHEN YODA, THE OLD JEDI MASTER, pinches young Luke Skywalker’s shoulder and quips: “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.” Star Wars is a Gnostic tale and more—so much more. So why did I take such satisfaction in a multi-act play whose very members the Apostle John once called “deceivers;” and worse, “the antichrist?” I suppose it was a case of wishful thinking. If Star Wars somehow resembled the Christian faith in the slightest, it’s because I desperately wanted it so. It’s what we call an informal fallacy. I had assumed that because I desired something to be true, it simply was. And to think that in my formative years—under the dreadful Copernican deception, I circumnavigated the First Epistle of John against the Gnostic, the Nicolaitan, and Platonism—all for my own pleasure, of course—when the warning was so unmistakably clear. “These things have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you.…. (1 John 2:26)” Just look around and tell me Star Wars isn’t a seduction. Unfortunately for me, it still is.

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Four words: “Have Them Fight God” | Stan Lee & the Gnostic Reality Behind Marvel Comics


IN OUTER SPACE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Eight years before Armstrong and Aldrin’s fictitious walk on the moon, having passed twice through the Van Allen belt without consequence, a handful of hypothetical cosmonauts collided with yet another radiation in outer space, only they became the super group known as “The Fantastic Four.” For the record, that would be November of 1961, when Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and the Thing came into our lives. For most they need no introduction. The fact is the average person knows more of occult philosophy and its imaginative storytelling—in both cases; comic books and moon landings—than they do of the Bible. It is yet another tragic turn of events, where the history of the church is concerned. And I hold the leaders of our congregations responsible.

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“TRUE STORY LIVE” with special guest Noel J Hadley


GREETINGS FROM CALIFORNIA’S CENTRAL COAST! My gratitude goes out to Jason Cripps and Brenda Hoffman Szab for inviting me onto their radio show, “True Story Live.” It went down Sunday night, and I was actually chased out of the fifth-wheel by my boys. But that’s okay. I was content being interviewed from behind the wheel of my truck. It really was a good show. I had several good rants. Hopefully its all for God’s glory.

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When Revisiting My Former Lover….. the Occult. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”


GEORGE LUCAS WAS RAISED A METHODIST. You may have heard of John and Charles Wesley, founders of his denomination. But don’t let an upbringing with the Wesley brothers fool you. The Star Wars saga, despite its apparent grab at good versus evil, is not a Christian narrative—far from it. Everything but Christianity thrives here. So why do we find it so attractive? The creator of Star Wars isn’t hiding anything. He has this to say of the Christian: “There’s absolutely no conflict between Darwinism and God’s design for the universe. The problem for me is that I see a very big difference between the Bible and God. And the problem they’re getting into now is that they’re trying to understand intelligent design through the Bible, not through God.” The most casual of viewings at almost any point in the Star Wars saga will undoubtedly show Lucas’ god. He, or she, or they, or it, is an esoteric one.

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“Follow the yellow brick road…..” silver chord = silver slippers… cruel god = humbug wizard… | L. Frank Baum’s transmissions from Oz (part 2)


A DREARY KANSAS LANDSCAPE, MYSTICAL CYCLONE, and conscious-driven journey down the yellow brick road. It all adds up. L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is an allegorical tale—albeit a subconscious one, arguably—outlining the soul’s path beyond the material plane to spiritual illumination. It has all the added spicy American ingredients to a far older tale of the occulting Mysteries. The Theosophical Society agrees. In 1986, The American Theosophist magazine recognized Baum as a “notable Theosophist,” a devoted ambassador for their philosophical and religious causes. As the 20th century neared its end, with decades of annual televised reruns of the MGM classic loyally garnishing the attention of nostalgic households, the cat was out of the bag. Dorothy was a neophyte.

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“….To remain in ignorance….” or seek “that mysterious fountain-head from which emanates all that is incomprehensible in nature” | L. Frank Baum’s transmissions from Oz (part 1)

OCCULTISM SELLS, NOW MORE THAN EVER. Not that it’s ever been out of print, per say. After all, occultism is a provable cockroach, and can thrive not only in the chilling darkness—once it is rightfully swatted away from the daylight—but could and most certainly would survive a nuclear holocaust, except the LORD Himself finally put an end to it. Perhaps no other empire in the history of western civilization has achieved such financial success at marketing the esoteric, branding it as entertainment, and then repackaging it as childhood nostalgia, than the current country where this author resides. Like the globe itself, and the “American” mythology of space which accompanies it, occultism is best served to children. Indeed, the mystic author who convinces his reader that he is simply wetting their appetites beyond what God has permitted, or rather divulging in the imagination that God rightfully gave to them, flourishes here. Being a member of the Theosophists Society, author L. Frank Baum was no exception.

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