“Secrets Revealed” with Zen Garcia: The Morning After | Charleston, SC

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I HAD A WONDERFUL TIME ON “SECRETS REVEALED,” and I’m ever-so grateful for Zen  Garcia and Cathy Dunson’s warm hospitality. Despite being my first radio appearance (an entire two hours!) I think—or at least hope—I represented myself well. Though truth be told, I was just trying not to doggie paddle through an Olympic-sized pool for much of it. I’m not exactly experienced at publishing my thoughts in real time without a second or a third or a fourth and fifth draft attached to it, as even this post will prove, except for those fireside chats I’ve cheerfully carried with strangers during our travels across North America. And that’s exactly how I treated the evening. My desire is that those listening in had a chance to cozy up next to it.

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OUR WAY IS: “Truth Frequency Radio” Tonight 9-11 PM EST

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TONIGHT I’LL BE MAKING MY VERY FIRST RADIO APPEARANCE. You can listen in at Truth Frequency Radio with hosts Zen Garcia and Cathy Dunson, 9-11 PM EST. It’s mostly to discuss that FLAT EARTH book I’ve been so busy authoring in Canada. Who knows, perhaps even its title will be announced. But I suppose just about anything is on the table for conversation, including behind the scenes stuff from OUR WAY IS THE HIGHWAY and other juicy tidbits surrounding my life. Zen and Cathy ask the questions.

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When the Trumpet Sounds! | Reflections in Flat Earth from Ontario

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WHEN THE TRUMPET SOUNDS AND OUR BRIDEGROOM RETURNS for His church with a mighty shout, as my full attention is firmly pressed upon my Savior (whether I am still alive or resurrecting from the grave), I’ve kindly asked that He turn my gaze below my feet back at the world He made, just once—not as Lot’s wife did with Sodom out of a gossiping or covetous heart—but to see with my own eyes what lying NASA astronauts have likely never even beheld: the beautiful circular face of the FLAT EARTH.

Maranatha from Ontario!


The Devil Is In the Details—Another Words, Scripture Interprets Scripture (Except For When Science Interprets It) | Reflections in Flat Earth from Montreal

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FLAT EARTH FAULT-FINDERS WILL LIKELY BREATHE a sigh of relief to note the PhD thesis submitted by a young Tunisian Muslim woman, and which caused a worldwide uproarious scandal in 2017 for exhibiting such chutzpah as to dismiss the physics of Newton, the math of Einstein, the astronomy of Copernicus and Kepler, and big bang cosmology, as well as Darwinian biology, has been soundly rejected.

I’ll wait for the applause to end.

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They Walked With God and With Angels—the “Backwards Thinking” Sons of Seth Among the “Progressive” Sons of Cain | Reflections in Flat Earth from Ottawa

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THE APPLE HAD FALLEN VERY FAR FROM THE TREE. Unlike his father Adam, who hid from Yahweh in shame and guilt, Cain showed absolutely no remorse for murdering his brother. When Adam’s first-born son was confronted by God, he even spun his perjury with a clever pun, as if to spit in the Lord’s face, and claim of the deceased second-born (Abel’s title being, the keeper of sheep): “Am I my brother’s keeper?” No, he was nothing like his father. Adam clothed himself appropriately and came clean with his Creator. Cain however would not recognize his sin. To God he spoke with an unrepentant passive verb: “From they face shall I be hid (Genesis 4:14).” For Cain, more murders were anticipated.

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Free Bibles For Those Desiring a Relationship with God

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JUST LOOK AT ME. I’M SMILING. It has come to my attention that many who visit and read Our Way Is the Highway do so merely out of curiosity. I suppose there are those who may be investigating how the mind of a “Flat Earther” thinks. For such an inquisitor—indeed they are most welcome here—I am certainly not shy of delivering intellectual or emotional fodder. And then there are those who accept the theory of Flat Earth, which admittedly disproves Copernican Evolution and exposes the beast government in every possible way, but don’t know how to follow through with its next conclusive step—that is, connecting with its Creator;  specifically knowing where to start.  Perhaps I can be of help.

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